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Gabor Szabo ([personal profile] szabgab) wrote 2009-08-21 06:46 am (UTC)

posts vs actually doing

I did not mean you don't actually do. Hell, from the little I saw I can tell you do a lot.

I was talking about the journal posts. It seems to me that most of the posts are about none-work related stuff.

Going over your recent posts again it seem you are probably more on the side of work related posts than what I felt to be the average around here. With a stretch we could even count the knitting related posts in this as you will certainly get advice from other knitters. So in a way it relates to thing to do.

Of course this is only my view of the subjects, you might see them in a totally different light and as I wrote I might have totally misunderstood what Su-shee meant "getting things done".

Again, just to emphasize it. I am not trying to judge the posts or say it is bad. In a way I envy you that you dare to talk about other things and in fact one of my reasons to join DW was to find out if in this community I can do that too. I am just making observations in my own subjective way.

[yeah, I realized that you probably prefer python over perl]

ps. and thanks for commenting and asking for clarification

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