Tuesday, September 27th, 2016 05:20 am

Posted by karen

My friend, Christiane Brew, was playing the part of “Her Ladyship” in The Dresser.  She had the quickest costume change in the show, when she had 5 and half minutes to get from her King Lear character of Cordelia back to her civilian 1940s costume.  She decided to record the change, so that people could see what goes on back stage.  You get to see me frown a lot, but the change went smoothly and she made her cue.

Monday, September 26th, 2016 02:54 pm

Posted by karen

I messed up badly in rehearsal tonight.  I was singing a love song.  It’s a poignant song about lovers who thought that they would be better apart, but have come to the conclusion that they want to be together.  It doesn’t work if you burst out laughing when your scene partner looks at you.  We didn’t manage any type of sincere love, hopefully it will go better next time.


Saturday, September 24th, 2016 04:26 pm
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Friday, September 23rd, 2016 04:42 am

Posted by karen

The Dresser opened last night at Black Stripe Theater. The play, by Ronald Harwood, tells the story of an aging actor’s personal assistant, who is struggling to keep the actor’s life together.  I have been responsible for costumes and wardrobe, which does mean I get to be the dresser at The Dresser.

It’s been a lot of work for everyone involved, but worth it, given how well the show went last night.  It’s the first time I’ve been a lead costumer and I was concerned about my fairly basic sewing skills.  I still get scared every time I have to cut fabric, sewing can mostly be undone, but cutting is permanent.  I was also surprised that I got nervous before the show.  I know that always happens when I have to perform, but it never occurred to me that being responsible for how actors looked would also feel like a type of performance.  Thankfully they all looked good and the costume changes happened as expected.

I enjoyed making the hats and head dresses.  My favourite is the wild flower crown, which looks surprisingly good for something made from materials bought from my local 100 円 ($1) store.

Fantastically Dressed In Wild Flowers

Fantastically Dressed In Wild Flowers

Friday, September 23rd, 2016 02:12 am
It's time for another question thread!

The rules:

- You may ask any dev-related question you have in a comment. (It doesn't even need to be about Dreamwidth, although if it involves a language/library/framework/database Dreamwidth doesn't use, you will probably get answers pointing that out and suggesting a better place to ask.)
- You may also answer any question, using the guidelines given in To Answer, Or Not To Answer and in this comment thread.
Wednesday, September 21st, 2016 10:33 pm
I've been really withdrawing into myself lately. I apologise for the fact that some of you haven't heard from me for a long, long time.

I need to come out of my shell again.

In the meantime, hi. I'm still here and still around. Obviously not journalling like I used to, and I miss everybody. How are you all?

Things that have changed since I last wrote anything in here:
  • I'm back to using Linux full-time. (Specifically, Gentoo Linux.) This came about because through some bad judgements on my part, Windows 7 started bluescreening on boot and I couldn't recover from it. Instead of reinstalling Windows 7 and having to set my environment back up again, I decided to switch back to Linux.

    I did this because I've been telling myself for a while that once the time comes to move off Windows 7, I'd want to move to Linux rather than use Windows 8 or 10. (Especially Windows 10... but that's a topic for another post.) This was probably the best time to do so, since although I *could* go back to Windows 7, it's quickly on its way to becoming unsupported, and general Linux support is just getting better.

    Rambling about Gentoo, and Linux distributions in general. )

  • I've been making a lot of music with SunVox lately. It's a great program which combines tracking with modular synthesis. In that sense it's kinda like Jeskola Buzz, except that I never actually used Buzz back in the day as it needed more CPU power than I had at the time, if I remember correctly.

    Like a lot of creative stuff I do, most of my tunes done using it are a work in progress that I'm not ready to release to a wider audience yet. Hopefully at some point I can release stuff, though. I'm getting pretty close on one song in particular.

  • ...you know, I can't think of much else right now. :/

How has everybody else been?
Wednesday, September 14th, 2016 12:58 pm
I just rewatched the original version of Pete's Dragon for the first time in a very long while, and the passage of time has not been kind to it. Public drunkenness and child enslavement aren't popular themes in kids' movies these days. (The songs are still catchy, though!)

Here's a comprehensive list of what the two films have in common:

- An orphaned boy named Pete
- A dragon named Elliot who watches over Pete and is sometimes invisible
- An old man who sees the dragon, but no one believes him
- The old man's strong-willed, independent daughter who befriends Pete
- An entrepreneur who wants to capture and exploit the dragon

That's it. The new movie may be the least faithful adaptation of its source material I've ever seen, but in this case that's not a bad thing. Contrast that with the recent remake of the Jungle Book, which had identical characters and plot and even the same songs - while also good, it was much less memorable because of the sameness.

So yes, more Disney reboots, please, but only if they're not afraid to change things up. P.S. I still want a Tron Legacy sequel.
Wednesday, September 14th, 2016 04:48 pm
by Edwin Arlington Robinson

Miniver Cheevy, child of scorn,
Grew lean while he assailed the seasons;
He wept that he was ever born,
And he had reasons.

Miniver loved the days of old
When swords were bright and steeds were prancing;
The vision of a warrior bold
Would set him dancing.

Miniver sighed for what was not,
And dreamed, and rested from his labors;
He dreamed of Thebes and Camelot,
And Priam’s neighbors.

Miniver mourned the ripe renown
That made so many a name so fragrant;
He mourned Romance, now on the town,
And Art, a vagrant.

Miniver loved the Medici,
Albeit he had never seen one;
He would have sinned incessantly
Could he have been one.

Miniver cursed the commonplace
And eyed a khaki suit with loathing;
He missed the mediæval grace
Of iron clothing.

Miniver scorned the gold he sought,
But sore annoyed was he without it;
Miniver thought, and thought, and thought,
And thought about it.

Miniver Cheevy, born too late,
Scratched his head and kept on thinking;
Miniver coughed, and called it fate,
And kept on drinking.
Wednesday, September 14th, 2016 03:38 pm
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"History is a lie...Lies, truth, it's irrelevant. The best story wins."

This is a comm focussing on period drama and historical fantasy media. Initially created to give Tumblr Da Vinci's Demons fans somewhere more suitable for discussion a place to post meta and hold rewatches, any and all other historical tv shows/films/miniseries/etc are all welcome, including, but not limited to, The Borgias, The Tudors, White Queen, Black Sails, Versailles, Indian Summers, Peaky Blinders, Deadwood, Spartacus, Pride and Prejudice, The Knick, Vikings, etc.

Fic, meta, discussion posts, graphics, vids, and other fanworks are all appreciated. Please come and post/promo your fanworks and relevant communities and events.