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szabgab: (Default)
Thursday, September 17th, 2009 01:57 pm
Three weeks ago, one night I did not sleep well, that's when I arrived to the idea that I'll open a free on-line training for people to learn how to do Quality Assurance - both manually and automatically using Perl.

I teach this at companies for a living but those course are involving frontal presentation, exercises and are running for a few days only. Teaching on-line is new to me.

The idea was to let people who would have a hard time going to a frontal training (e.g. disabled, being home with children or otherwise home bound) to learn those things. I was hoping that once they learned these things they might find remote work in the field or that once they can go out to work, they will be better trained and experience to take on a new kind of job. My secret agenda was to get them involved in open source projects - so they can gain experience in the field.

Especially I was thinking about two projects PadrePadre, the Perl IDE that I started and maybe Dreamwidth where although I am a newcomer too but I see they are quite read to get some people with 0 background in Perl or programming.

I did not know what I was getting myself into. Actually I still don't know.

I did not want to make a huge noise about it as I had no idea how it will work out so I sent an e-mail to a mailing list local to the city where I live. The short statistics:

A total of 37 people sent me a reply and were interested. 28 of them actually signed up to the mailing list I created for the course. In the first two weeks 4 people un-subscribed (2 managed to do it alone while 3 asked on the list to be un-subscribed. Yes one of them first asked on the list but by the time I read it he already managed to un-subscribe).

I sent out 5 assignments in the first 2 weeks but only 16 did any of the assignments. That leaves 28-4-16 = 8 people who are on the list but have not submitted any of the assignments. Only 5 people did at least 3 assignments.

So now I am thinking how to proceed to get more people doing the assignments and how could I use the idea to attract other people to the projects

I'll write more about this later.
szabgab: (Default)
Wednesday, August 26th, 2009 06:37 pm
I seem to be totally distracted from any actual work I should do. I have plenty of project I need to make progress and I think I managed to write two small scripts.

For some time I have been thinking on a game that would be built on to teach children and grownup to program. Something based on the same idea as but with a direct translation to a programming language.
Last week I started to play around with SDL_Perl ( ) and make some sample scripts but then I got stuck as suddenly I realized I'll have to implement such basic widgets as a directory browser widget. It might be a cool project but I am not sure I am ready for such an adventure. So two days ago I decided I try to see if I can draw anything using WxPerl but the documentation is lacking and I did not have an example on how to do things. With the level of distractions I have now it took me the whole day till I managed to write a sample script to drag an image around the window.

Anyway, it is done now and I am heading home.
szabgab: (Default)
Thursday, August 13th, 2009 12:40 pm
Once I tried to start writing on LiveJournal but have not managed to post the second note. I maintain a web site of my own at with a blog there that I am using.

So the reason I am trying to write here too is that I am trying to build a diverse community around Padre, the Perl IDE and I was told this might be one of the best places
to learn from.