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szabgab: (Default)
Tuesday, September 29th, 2009 07:57 am
We are on vacation in Budapest at my mothers place and went to the Zoo yesterday. At first we were quite disappointed as several of the big animals we wanted to see were missing but somehow we got over it and headed to the animal petting corner.

At one point we bumped into a group of people, their guide was explaining that the zoo goes through a huge change so instead of having the same types of animals in one location from now on they will have areas based on the areas on Earth. So if you want to see Crocodiles they will point you at 3 different places in the Zoo where you can find crocodiles and if you want to see cockroaches then you just walk around and see them almost everywhere.

We saw a two years old Rhino boy and learned that he was born 58 kg which is, well, pretty big. As we read, this is the first Rhino ever born in captivity - can it really be the case? - which made them extra happy.

Close the the Rhinoceros we found the giraffes which was pretty amazing. One of them was leaning out and banding so you could almost touch its head. You could even buy some food for them and they would eat from your hand. My children got really excited by this.

On the way out we passed by the first place and finally saw both the white bear and the see-lions too and the children fell asleep on the way home in the car.